Depend Chameleon nr 2088 Hot Lava

They have names! Depend Chameleon collection. this is nr 2088, Hot Lava. Shifting between pink and orange, a rather unusual but very balanced combination. The color change is really strong. The application wasn’t that fun though. The formula was thick and even though the first coat covered in color, it wasn’t smooth and even. I added a few drops of Seche Restore to the bottle, and the second coat was much easier. You have to be careful not to get the brush strokes.

One coat with Seche Vite on top.

I wasn’t that excited about the color in the bottle. But it changed in the nails. Absolutely beautiful! I need more Chameleon.

Depend_nr2088_7 Depend_nr2088_1 Depend_nr2088_2 Depend_nr2088_3 Depend_nr2088_4 Depend_nr2088_5 Depend_nr2088_6


6 thoughts on “Depend Chameleon nr 2088 Hot Lava

    1. Camilla Post author

      Det blå är verkligen fint! Jag blev positivt överraskad av detta, köpte det mer på “ska ha” än “vill ha”, men det var finare än jag trott :-) .


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